Freak Response

Through all dimensions of space and time, there remains one constant. The vibrational energy of frequencies both audible and inaudible transcends all dimensions and our perception of them. The vibration of sound affects and connects the entire universe. Once in an aeon, a combination of harmonious frequencies can unlock an enigma that exists within the natural order and stir the soul of any organism within audible distance, forging new neural pathways toward enlightenment. This, is a Freak Response.


Freak Response aka. Iain D. Sumner has been playing musical instruments, primarily guitar, from an early age. After playing in bands ranging from acoustic to technical metal for many years, after a while he turned his hand to producing instrument-orientated electronic music and DJ-ing at underground parties. With a range of influence that knows almost no boundaries and driven by the desire to create unique soundscapes, hooks that evoke feeling and danceable unique rhythms, armed with vastly wide and eclectic taste it was a quest in itself finding a genre to work with as inspiring as Neurofunk Drum & Bass.