Bubba Ho-Tek

Self inflicted sound experimentation causing noise pollution for a soon to be deaf generation.


My name is Airon Tokzic! From rave metal mentalists RUST INHALER, BUBBA HO-TEK is my jungletek project.


So far I have supported, Black Sun Empire, Machinecode, Currentvalue, Dean Rodell, Orien, Kromestar, Fused Forces, Dr. Bastardo, Raxyor, Ladyscraper, Speedcore Whore, Marchmellow, Remarc, Bizzy B, The Teknoist, Intro5pect, Total Science, Stenchman, Rhyme Asylum, Life Denied, Chasing Shadows, Stagga, Funtcase, Tango, Ratty, Secret Society, Distinction, Vista, Subscape, Rob Sparx, Benny Page, Twisted Individual, Gabba Front Berlin,.... the list goes on.


I aspire to play filth for bang face ravers!


Bubba Ho-Tek's "Until Proven Sober" is out now on all major digital portals