About Us

Reactionary Faction is an international electronic music record label based in Liverpool, north-west UK.


Founded in 2012, in a just a short time Reactionary Faction has taken the UK electronic music scene by storm with a steady stream of underground releases and top quality events.


Despite having achieved such great things in such a short time already, we are still always aiming higher and plan many great things in the future for Reactionary Faction


We are pleased to announce that RFP is now home to the following Sub-Labels:



- .50 CALIBER RECORDS (Dubstep/Drum and Bass/Glitch Hop/Neurofunk/Breaks)


- DISTORTED REACTION RECORDS (Hardstyle/Hardcore/Breakcore/ Hard Dance)




- THE ENERGY COMPANY (Fullon/Suomi Psytrance, Psychill)


- SACRED MEDIA (Dark/Night-time/Progressive Psytrance)



We are always looking for new artists, head over to our Artist Submission page if you are interested in releasing your music with us.