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Reactionary Faction Ltd. Summer Press Release  
12:25 Weds 6th August 2014

Party Brands

In 2014 we are happy to be celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Area D-3E. Rekindled in 2012 alongside the birth of Reactionary Faction, Area D-3E has played host to the early sets of many local DJ’s and producers who’ve taken their music much further afield since.

This celebration will bring the most notable of those artists together under one roof at The Supper Club on Blundell Street, Liverpool, all night long, on Friday 3rd October 2014.


Tantrum Hard Dance, the brand which was set to be launched in July but saw cancellation due to closure of the venue the weekend prior to the event, is set for re-launch countdown later in the year.

The D1E Project

Reactionary Faction is pleased to announce the acquisition and relocation to Liverpool of Southports D1E (Day One Events) Project.

After the project’s successful re-launch event, D1E Battle of the Bands at Southport Pleasureland earlier this year, D1E is launching it’s new night ‘Finish Your Homework’ will run on Sunday 7th September, 14th September, at The Supper Club on Blundell Street, Liverpool for just £2 entry.

The D1E Project has always bought fresh places onto the local music scene, where new bands and artists of any genre can showcase their material and young people can enjoy live music. We are excited to be getting this project back off the ground as it once boasted a 20 event per-month calendar across 5 venues.

D1E Records is set to release music by local bands from across the North West, recorded at our in house studio, and Down By Ours Records has been setup to release music from Liverpool & Merseyside hip hop and rap artists exclusively.

D1E Studios is full equipped & currently searching for the right space in Liverpool city center.

The Bakery Warehouse Fundraiser

Reactionary Faction will be hosting a fundraising allnighter at The Supper Club on Blundell Street, Liverpool, on Bank Holiday Sunday 24th August.

The event will feature an eclectic evening of underground electronic music DJ’s and Producers featuring Drum n Bass, Dubstep, and more through the mighty [collision] sound system, all for just £7 entry. This event is in aid of fixing the roof at the legendary underground venue, The Bakery, with the goal that licensed events can go on there soon.

Reactionary Faction Sublabels

We are pleased to announce that Reactionary Faction is now being broken down into the following sub-labels due to new distribution contracts:

• SACRED MEDIA (Dark/Night-time/Progressive Psytrance)

• MANIACPSYCHOPRO [ISRAEL] (Psykore & High BPM Psytrance)

• THE ENERGY COMPANY (Fullon/Suomi Psytrance, Psychill)

• .50 CALIBER RECORDS (Dubstep/Drum and Bass/Glitch Hop/Neurofunk/Breaks)

• DISTORTED REACTION RECORDS (Hardstyle/Hardcore/Breakcore/ Hard Dance)


Reactionary Faction Summer Releases

The launch releases for .50 Caliber Records are: the experimental psychedelic glitch hop EP release from Colorado (USA)’s Kolishin, ‘Digital Jinkies’, and Liverpool-based producer of Czech origin Deimos’ ‘Only Stardust’ single.

Yorkshire’s Snuff Sounds will be releasing his dubstep EP ‘A Dark Sunset’ with .50 Caliber Records this summer also.



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